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Cybersecurity with an Ethical Hacker

Audit Liaison's Tyson Savoretti enjoyed presenting to St. Petersburg Museum of History members last week on cybersecurity and its importance in our ever-growing digital world. Tyson's presentation centered around the everyday application of "cyber hygiene" and...

Capital One Data Breach

Capital One Data Breach

Considerations for our Clients This March, Capital One was the subject of a major data breach, resulting in over 100 million affected customers.  Originally there was no consensus on how exactly the attack took place, however the news media was quick to use...

Article: 5 Steps For a Successful Compliance Audit

Here's an article I wrote outlining five steps your company can take to ensure your compliance audit is successful. If you would like further information on how prepare and proceed through the audit process, Audit Liaison is here to help. 5 Steps to Succeed in Your...

A service provider’s timeline for audits

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Steps service providers can take in preparation of an audit.

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