Global Expertise

Initiate and Integrate Worldwide Holdings

Audit Support:  Audit Liaison provides the audit expertise equivalent to that of your independent audit engagement team.  Accordingly, you are instantly able to have an improved working relationship with your audit team built on the trust that you have Certified Public Accountants [CPA], Certified Information System Security Professionals [CISSP], Certified Information Systems Auditors [CISA], and Certified Forensic Accountants [CrFA] working for you.  Our expertise with Service Organization Control audits, Sarbanes-Oxley audits, PCI security audits, and HIPAA security audits is unparalleled.

Internal Audit: Audit Liaison staff have implemented internal audit functions for a number of publicly-traded corporations across industries.  We serve private companies, as well, by enhancing their internal and information technology controls and providing financial expertise, as needed.

Private Equity:  Audit Liaison works with private equity firms to provide financial, internal control, and information technology control expertise to their portfolio of companies.  Likewise, we assist portfolio companies with all SEC filings.

Anti-fraud:  Audit Liasion provides full anti-fraud services from establishing whistleblower hotlines, fraud training and other fraud prevention programs through fraud investigations.

Audit Liaison has extensive experience integrating acquisitions throughout the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, and South America (including Brazil).

Our professionals understand the nuances of foreign-owned subsidiaries and work with the overseas operations to ensure that they are not only integrated with the parent’s philosophy and procedures, but also that the subsidiary understands their importance to the overall corporate objectives.  In turn, we  foster a spirit of global teamwork by ensuring that the overseas management teams are respected and, above all, heard.

Audit Liaison Has Proven Expertise In:

  • Integrating overseas financial systems onto centralized US accounting systems
  • Implementing internal control frameworks overseas in accordance with Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Implementing financial reporting policy and procedures in accordance with US GAAP
  • Integrating overseas operating processes (such as, inventory costing systems, system development life cycle, back-up and recovery, etc.) to align them with corporate policy
  • Monitoring and providing a control framework around physical inventories

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