Anti-Fraud Services

Forensic Accounting and Preventative Solutions

Audit Liaison’s risk-based approach enhances our ability to identify questionable transactions.  As an internal audit services organization, Audit Liaison can be utilized to perform investigations with minimal disruption to the organization.  We have seasoned professionals trained and certified in fraud examination and forensic accounting techniques.  These professionals have direct experience with fraud examinations.

Proven Expertise:

  • Implementing full Antifraud programs
  • Implementing Fraud and Ethics Hotline
  • Fraud-specific risk assessment
  • Fraud investigation services
  • Litigation support services
  • Identification of financial reporting errors and omissions [fraudulent & non-fraudulent]
  • Contract Auditing and Vendor Fraud investigations

How Can Audit Liaison Help?

Learn about tactics and methodologies Audit Liaison can implement to prevent fraud in your organization